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Rose Hyaluronic Serum - 30ml

NPR 1800
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  • Hydrates and helps to retain moisture
  • Soothes and refreshes the skin
  • Keeps the skin supple, plump and radiant
  • Improves dull skin and prevent skin from dryness
  • Anti-ageing and Anti- inflammatory
  • The antibacterial properties may help reduce acne
  • The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce skin redness and puffiness
  • Anti-Wrinkle properties



When it comes to skincare, hydration transforms. Naturo Earth's hydrating facial serum instantly melts into the skin to help maintain water balance, boosting the skin’s ability to retain moisture for a more youthful appearance. This Rose Hyaluronic Gel Serum gives fresh and dewy feeling in the morning.The key ingredient in this hydrating facial serum, is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has been shown to hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, making it a very powerful hydrator.

Ingredients: Rose extract, Glycerine, Hyaluronic Acid


  • Use morning and night.
  • Warm 1 - 2 drops of serum in between your hands.
  • Gently press it onto your face, in circular motion, ensuring it’s evenly applied.
  • Keep out of eyes.
  • Use this serum before your daily moisturizer.

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight

Place of Origin: Nepal

Weight: 30 ml

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