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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The present general provisions should guide any order made by the client without reservation. Only the current retail prices defineNaturo Earth’s general terms and conditions of sale.Naturo Earth is the sole owner of www.naturoearth.com and holds every right relating to it. It is prohibited to exploit any representation or reproduction of this website's contents without permission of Naturo Earth.


In order to purchase desired items, one should select specific products by clicking on its link/photo, choose the quantity and add to cart. The selected items automatically get added to your shopping list. Upon finalizing all the products you require, click on your cart and proceed to checkout. Next up is fill in the order form for your shipping and billing details followed by name, contact details and the payment method. In the event of an incomplete form the website will put your order into invalid category. The website provides you with order editing option. You will have to read the Terms & Conditions and check the box for your will to be confirmed.Cancel your order option is also just a click away.


For all international orders, products are subject to Value Added Tax basis countries. Any customs duties will be billed to the client/customer.

In case of any other taxes, they will be added as well. Naturo Earth bills all orders according to the deliverables mentioned in the updated catalogue once order validation is done. Prices may later be modified without advance notice. Each product remains the property of Naturo Earthunless and until the payment isn’t completed.


Naturo Earth offers plethora of discounts in every occasion. Terms and Conditions of discount sale are similar to a normal/usual day sale.


Packaging cost (if applicable to the product) will be charged as per the listing on the website.
Shipping costs will be applicable if it’s listed on the website.

Note: Delivery costis calculated according to the weight of the package and shipping address.


Online payment can be done throughPaypal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards. Since the product is available only for pre-paid orders, money must be paid in full for it to be registered. Unpaid orders are not delivered. A receipt will be sent along with the parcel at the time of delivery.


Naturo Earth operates a secure payment system (SSL) – it guarantees complete confidentiality of personal information over the Internet.Naturo Earth pledges to only provide its clients' personal information to its own bank for payment of orders, if at all required. All other detailsfed on the website (name, e-mail, etc.,) will not be exploited than that strictly related to activities on this website.


For the products not stocked in our warehouse, validity of our offers are subject to availability from our suppliers.
By filling in an order form appearing on the site http://www.naturoearth.com, the customer acknowledges having acquainted him/herself, at the time the order is made, with the specific present conditions of sale. After transaction and acceptance the sale becomes definitive. Data recorded by the website constitutes proof of all transactions between mariagefreres.com and its customers.
Data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions made by the customer.


The right of retraction for orders pertaining to all the listed productsdoes not apply for the ones already executed for dispatch.


Naturo Earth pledges not to transfer any information to third parties other than your bank (if it is required to process your order). It will only be used by internal services for the processing of orders and to enhance transparent communication.


Sites on internet may provide, or third parties may include, links to our website. Naturo Earth cannot control these external activities or sources and will cannot be held liable for any information found on  these external sites and sources. Naturo Earth cannot be held responsible for the mention of advertisements, content, products and services available on external sites or sources if not directly posted by us. Hence, Naturo Earth cannot be held responsible for anyloss or damage claimed related to the use of our products.


Our products’ transportationand method of shipping is at our discretion. Customers can choose their type of shipping speed basis the options listed as per products’ eligibility on the website.


The delivery is as quick as any other service provider in the market. As and when the order is validated and acknowledged on the website, we take care of rest of hassle.  MARIAGE FRÈRES guarantees to take great care of its products so as to assure they conform to the description posted on the website at the time of ordering. We deliver across the world. Products will be directly delivered to same shipping address mentioned by the customer at the time of placing the order. Validation of any change request post the order is placed is at Naturo Earth’s discretion.

Natural deterioration of any product purchased on Naturo Earth’s website under no account will be our fault. Website guides a user about the usage of any product along with their description.


Unforeseen delays do not give any right toany buyer to cancel the purchase or refuse the delivery and/or claim damages and interests. If no anomaly is noted about the product purchased then only a reimbursement can be processed. That would still be at Naturo Earth’s discretion. If the package containing the products is severely damaged due to transit issues but the product is perfectly fine then Naturo Earth reserves the right to not reimburse the customer.

Replacement and/or return of the products will be accepted only if by mistake an incorrect product is sent. No replacement and/or return will be entertained, also we do not exchange items whatsoever. Naturo Earth can issue a credit note in case any settlement is required upon replacement/return.


Naturo Earth is the sole owner of www.naturoearth.com and holds every right relating to it. It is prohibited to exploit any representation or reproduction of this website's contents without permission of Naturo Earth.

The right of imitationof the Naturo Earth’s property for any representation purposes is not permitted. Naturo Earth will not be considered in agreementwith any other right than the ownershipand usage of its properties and the website.It is forbidden to download and copy any part of this website and its contents.


During the process of handing over products to the transporter, transfer of risks might occur. We do not take sole ownership of third party product handling, however to ensure fast and clean delivery we audit our partners. Any escalation regarding our partner will be taken up and actioned upon with immediate effect. Naturo Earth retains the right to take action in this regard.